Capital Shield partners with Toole Insurance Agency to distribute embezzlement insurance for your investments. Contact your broker below and find out how Capital Shield can help protect your hard earned investment assets.

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Why Capital Shield?

Individual investors have the ability to buy insurance to cover almost everything of value in their lives, transferring the risk to an insurance carrier for many types of assets they own.

However, individual investors – until now – have not been able to insure their money or invested assets in the event their investment advisor / asset manager embezzles their money. They often don’t know they are exposed, nor that they would have to potentially bear the loss of all of their funds if their finances are not protected.

This is where Capital Shield Comes in.

Is Capital Shield Right for Me?

Entrusting securities industry professionals with invested assets is common among individual investors, but increasingly often, the industry has seen these individual investors being taken advantage of. Investment embezzlement is a crime present in the back of many investors’ minds since the Madoff scandal of 2008, but even with robust technology and regulations, embezzlement continues to happen today.

Capital Shield is the premier insurance product for people who want to protect their assets from embezzlement by their investment advisors, asset managers, fund managers, or other securities industry professionals.

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Capital Shield Product Details

Key Persons are named on the policy
An investor can name multiple Key Persons onto their policy. These Key Persons would be securities industry professionals that act as investment advisors, asset managers, fund managers, etc. for the invested assets of the policyholder.

Limit Offered
An individual can purchase an aggregate limit of up to $10,000,000

Minimum deductible is $50,000 per occurrence

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with invested assets over $1,000,000 looking for “peace of mind” knowing their finances are protected for themselves and their family for years to come.
Hire a lawyer? Sue the asset manager and the firm they work for? These are commitments the investor would have to deal with, and the process could be lengthy and expensive. This risk is currently assumed (likely unknowingly) by the individual investor. What if you could transfer part or all of this risk through an insurance product? How much would that peace of mind be worth to you and your family?
According to the Federal Reserve, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau, the share of retirees who are millionaires doubled over the last three decades, now accounting for 1 in 6 retirees. Most are past their peak earning years and rely on their investments to live their lifestyle in retirement.
No you don’t. All criminal acts are excluded from most standard insurance policies. For many years this has been a large gap in completing an individual’s comprehensive insurance program. Capital Shield is the first and only insurance product of its kind covering embezzlement by an investment advisor / asset manager.
It will not. The policy can be written in the name of a Trust.
In the event of a covered loss, the policy will pay at the time the proof of loss is accepted and the perpetrator is indicted. This is in contrast to not having coverage and the need for an individual taking on the burdensome, expensive and prolonged tasks of trying to recover funds on their own.
Minimum limit of insurance is $1,000,000 and additional increments of $1,000,000 may be purchased up to a maximum of $10,000,000.
Premium for Capital Shield is in the range of $1,500 premium for each $1,000,000 limit increment.
Most financial advisors have professional liability policies, which exclude criminal acts by the advisor. SIPC coverage provides a limit of up to $500,000 for securities, including $250,000 for cash held in a brokerage account, but only when the asset management firm goes bankrupt and customers assets are missing. Larger investment firms may have some form of crime insurance, but it’s likely one could incur a very long delay in payment at a reduced settlement amount with unknown legal expenses.
The policy covers your invested assets when your investment advisor / asset manager embezzles your funds. It does not cover for any market fluctuations, potential futures gains or any fictitious amounts listed on account statements.

Capital Shield is underwritten by Berkley FinSecure, a Berkley Company. Berkley member insurance companies are rated A+ (Superior), Financial Size Category XV by A.M. Best Company and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s. Founded in 1967, W. R. Berkley Corporation is one of the nation’s premier commercial lines property casualty insurance providers.

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